When purchasing insurance coverage for your family car, it is a good idea to include breakdown coverage that will apply to everyone who might be driving. Not all policies are created equal, so be sure to read the fine print or to ask pertinent questions when subscribing. It is better to ask too many questions up front than it is to discover the problem when you need the insurance.

Benefits of Breakdown Coverage

Breakdown coverage is the best way to ensure that all the drivers in your family are protected in the event of a mechanical breakdown. For example, if you have new drivers who are not accustomed to taking care of a car, breakdown coverage can help if the vehicle stalls in heavy traffic, if someone leaves the lights on and runs the battery down or if the keys are locked inside the vehicle. Breakdown coverage can increase your perceived reliability at your workplace because it helps prevent the “late because my car broke down” problem.

Make Sure You Have the Right Coverage

One company, which we will not name, lists social, domestic and pleasure driving as being the kinds of trips that are covered. Driving to and from work is extra, and so is driving your vehicle for business purposes. While this might not affect breakdown coverage, which is a separate part of any policy, it would certainly make a difference for the main insurance. In some cases, it could affect the breakdown insurance policy, as well. If you select the incorrect policy or try to save money by under-reporting the usage initially, then you might not have the coverage you expect when you need to use it.

Consider the Age of Your Vehicle

Roadside assistance, where a trained, licensed mechanic will help you with mechanical problems, is available for vehicles of any age. Newer vehicles, such as those that are less than 12 years old or have been driven for less than 15,000 miles are sometimes eligible for added coverage that will help pay for major repairs that are due to normal wear. The catch is that you need to subscribe to this type of breakdown coverage while your vehicle is still under warranty. It can then be used to supplement the purchase of an extended warranty or service agreement. Breakdown coverage can even be used to smooth the differences between the warranty and an extended warranty.

When your Vehicle Can’t be Repaired on the Road

If your vehicle has a mechanical failure that cannot be repaired in 30 minutes or less, it might need to be towed. In that case, it will be taken to a nearby auto repair center or to your home. Furthermore, the breakdown insurance will often help you arrive at your planned destination so that you can make your way to school, work, or appointments, as needed. This can be a super saver for you.

Vacation Insurance

Be sure to talk with your insurance agent before embarking on a motor vacation. The policy that covers domestic travel might not apply in a country different from your home. Your agent will be able to help you with temporary insurance coverage, including breakdown insurance, for while you are traveling in another country. More than that, he or she can help you plan your travel itinerary so that you will always be within comfortable range of a gas station or overnight accommodations. Furthermore, breakdown insurance can provide emergency shelter as well as alternative travel arrangements so that your vacation will not be spoiled should your vehicle have a mechanical failure.