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The TeaSmith Experience

At TeaSmith can enjoy tea at our unique tea bar, indulge in amazing cake and chocolate, browse our stunning store deigned by Jonathan Clark for gifts for your new favourite tea, gifts for tea lovers and our range of exclusive teaware and one-off gift items.

The TeaSmith Tea Bar

We’re serious about Exceptional Teas. Leaves produced on craft scale, grown in ideal conditions, and from authentic plants, have distinctive aromas, tastes and effects; vastly different from industrially-produced teas. To share our passion obsession, we set up a unique tea bar. Everything we do from the leaves to the cup is done in front of you making the liquid in your cup an accessible, hopefully entertaining, luxury. Just like a fine dining restaurant may decant your wine, and certainly serve it at an appropriate temperature, we infuse each tea in a specific way to get the best from the leaves. Different pot materials, shapes and water temperatures can all enhance a tea. You may enjoy your wine straight from the bottle (into a glass first, obviously). Similarly the most important aspect of brewing good tea is the leaves you use, not how you use the leaves. While we’re brewing yourtea, we’ll happily explain the options.

Some other things you might want to ask us about:

- What’s the story with White Tea?
- Does Green tea have caffeine?
- What can I drink instead of Green tea?
- What’s that belting tune on your playlist?
- You can reuse these leaves how many times?
- What’s the healthiest tea?
- Where’s the milk?
- When’s the next tasting event?
- Where’s the menu?

TeaSmith Menus

Our Tea List , Reserve Teas, and Patisserie & Chocolate menus. Many of these teas may be unfamiliar. We’ll happily make a recommendation based on your taste, or even how you feel. Green(er) teas are energising pick-me ups, floral Oolong teas relax the mind and Roasted teas are excellent digestives. Or select your tea based on our recommended pairing with a sensational tea accomplice from
William Curley.

Afternoon TeaSmithCeremony

Everybody loves epic cakes with their Afternoon Tea. But what the tea? We’re putting the Tea back into the ritual with our new Tasting Menu: an opportunity taste World Class Patisserie & Contemporary Chocolate paired with Exceptional Teas. Our new menu is available at weekends, and booking ahead is recommended for groups.


All of our teas are available for purchase in contemporary, re-sealable foil packs which are ideal for keeping your teas fresh. Buying gifts for tea drinkers can be tricky if you don’t know what they like. That’s why we created a selection of Gift Boxes for all levels of tea drinkers. These are also great for sampling a wide variety of teas. To complement our range of specialist teas we have a range of contemporary East Asian ceramics: made by traditional producers to more modern designs. Porcelain and glass pots are ideal for most teas. We also have an extensive range of hand-made Yixing pots. This clay helps get the best from premium Oolong and Puer teas, in the same way as fine wines improve with breathing in the glass, or decanting. Adding to the excitement is our ever-changing line-up of one-off gift items, like our current display of Japanese Collectables.

Tasting events

In addition to our special Tasting Events and MasterClass, we have regular lunchtime tastings of interesting teas. Check back to find out what we’re up to, or register for updates.

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